The Year’s Most Important Meal: Your Complete Guide to Thanksgiving Dinner (Part 2/2)

Since Thanksgiving dinner is incomplete without the yummy starters and desserts, here is part 2 of my blog post to help you add the most popular essentials to the meal. (See part 1 here, in case you missed it.) The recipes below range from appetiziers, soups to - you guessed it- different kinds of pies! So go ahead and dig right in.. Starters If you're looking for a scrumptious way to get a party started, bake a batch of these cheesy crab puffs. If you're a crab fan, you would love these soft pillows of delicious baked puffs. It’s simple, easy and super delicious for Thanksgiving dinner parties. They bake up golden brown and taste wonderful right out of the oven. Crab Puffs Yield: 16 serving

The Year’s Most Important Meal: Your Complete Guide to Thanksgiving Dinner (Part 1/2)

Thanksgiving dinner is a family celebration. No matter how much or how little time you spend in the kitchen during rest of the year, cooking a Thanksgiving meal for your loved ones is a timeless tradition, and a great reason to get the family together. Whether you are planning your first Thanksgiving dinner or you do it every year, we all want our family and friends to leave our Thanksgiving tables happy, stuffed, and bit impressed by our cooking. In my experience, people are always dazzled when you make something extra special for them. So for this Thanksgiving, I'm putting together a complete guide to the year's most celebrated and important feast. With the help of these simple recipes and

Banana Crunch Muffins

These banana crunch muffins are my favorite; they combine both of my favorite flavors, coconut and pecans. Start your day off with this hearty breakfast muffins and you’re good to go!!!! It’s especially convenient when you have company over, just make a batch at night, put it in the refrigerator and bake it off in the morning and voila! You got muffins for breakfast. You can also freeze the batch and thaw it in the refrigerator. These muffins are good any time of the day; enjoy them with a cup of coffee in the morning or afternoon. They are simple yet irresistibly good. I use my granola recipe, I combine 2 cups of oats, a cup of pecans, cup of coconut, cup of wheat germ, drizzle with ¼ cup

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