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Dessert Buffet Menu


Opera Cake
layers of almond sponge cake soaked in coffee syrup, layered with ganache and coffee
, covered in chocolate glaze


ladyfingers soaked in espresso, layered with coffee
 and mascarpone


Holi Cannoli
choice of traditional | banana
 | cinnamon | chocolate | pistachio | coconut


Choux Puffs
choice of pecan crunch | strawberry lime | chocolate | pear-chamomile | lemon-raspberry


choice of passion fruit | mixed berry | lavender | mango 


Chocolate Peanut Nougatine Tart
peanut nougatine, chocolate fudge, peanut caramel


choice of pistachio | salted caramel | coffee | chocolate | coconut | pecan crunch | strawberry | peanut caramel


Paris Brest
choux pastry, toasted almonds, hazelnut praline


Strawberry Pistachio Petit Gateau

pistachio sable, strawberry, fresh strawberries, candied pistachios


Berry Charlotte
mixed berry compote, vanilla bean mousseline, diplomat


Lemon Meringue Tartlets
crispy tart shell, lemon curd, meringue topping


Panna Cotta

choice of banana, hibiscus, matcha, lemon, mango, peach, espresso, chocolate, 


graham cracker base, homemade marshmallow, milk chocolate mousse


choice of | coconut-pineapple | mango-kiwi | white chocolate-raspberry | chocolate caramel

hazelnut | strawberry-shortcake | chocolate mousse


Strawberry Fraisier
vanilla cake, vanilla bean mousseline, fresh strawberries


Banana Split Bites

shortbread crust, banana custard


Piece Montee de Macaron

| Macaron Tower |


Simply irresistible with their little crunchy shell, bright colors. 
Play with colors and adapt to your event theme.

Up to 3 color/flavor combinations may be selected


Small Tower: approx. 60 Macarons 12”tall     $185.00

Medium Tower approx. 80 Macarons 18” tall  $235.00

Large Tower approx. 140 Macarons 24” tall    $390.00


We also offer Madeline Tower, Donut Tower, Meringue Tower and Chocolate Covered Strawberry Tower


Dessert Buffet Package

A setup fee* and a service charge applies to all dessert buffet packages.

(* starts from $250, based on order size)

Dessert buffet package set-up includes:

  • Selection of desserts from the Dessert Buffet Menu ( above )

  • Personal one-on-one consultation to design a custom package

  • Any platters, floral arrangements, personalized style elements

  • Props and accents needed to enhance the display


2 Dessert Types and Cake


(includes 2-tier cake, not       including Dessert Tower )

  *Serves 50 (2 dozen pieces per dessert type)


3 Dessert Types and Cake







(includes 2-tier cake, not including Dessert Tower)

*Serves 70 (2 dozen pieces per dessert type)


 4 Dessert Types and Cake

(Includes upto 1 Dessert Tower)



(includes 2-tier cake)

*Serves 80 (2 dozen pieces per dessert type)


5 Dessert Types and Cake

(Includes upto  2 Dessert Towers)



(includes 2-tier cake)

*Serves 100 (2 dozen pieces per dessert type)


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