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Hi, I'm Fouzia, Pastry chef, confectionery artist, recipe developer, event stylist, house-maker and a photographer behind all my creations. I created Cocoa & Butter as a platform for sharing my passion for food by sharing experiences from my journey going from home cook to a professional chef.


My love of food has evolved from my experience, and been refined here in the US through the training at The International Culinary School at The Art Institute, California- SanFrancisco.  I am proud to wear the chef jacket. However, it is not something I take lightly. It's what enables me to call myself a chef, it represents years of hard work, professional training, and certification (such as ServSafe). From fundamentals of classical techniques to excellent patisseries and cakes, from American regional cuisines to Latin cuisine, from Pilaf to Panna Cotta, my journey has been incredible; I’ve come a long way.


Being born and raised in Pakistan, I have drawn my inspiration from the food I grew up eating and learning to cook since my childhood. I have always enjoyed watching cooking shows since I was a child. I baked my first cake at a very young age. I remember sitting with my mom in the kitchen trying to make chapattis (flat bread) with her. She is, and always will be my inspiration; all I know today is because of her. I offered my first cooking classes to my friends and cousins when I was 21. Fast forward many years, I've now made all kinds of cakes for weddings, birthdays, and baby showers for my friends and family; I even made my wedding cake :)


I’ve been blessed to have a career that allows me to do what I love, and I give back to the community by donating my professional skills. I have over the past several years contributed to a variety of charities and nonprofit organizations in the Bay Area by conducting bake sales, cooking classes, preparing food and desserts for conference and events, and inviting local chefs to panel discussions to share their inspiration about the culinary profession with the youth. I felt honored and blessed to be able to help the missions of these organizations.

I love to entertain and have friends and family over. I believe food should be easy to make, delicious to eat and is most cherished when shared with friends and family. It leads to good conversation and makes great memories. I've been asked about my recipes often so I will share them on my blog to help pass on my experience. What you will see on this blog is a mix of both excerpts from my journals from the classes I took, as well as my homemade recipes that I've created or tweaked and perfected from the cookbooks and blogs that I love. Each recipe has been tested to provide results that are consistent and delicious every time. I've followed professional standards used to evaluate food preparation (texture, taste, presentation) and made sure to include meticulous notes with each recipe to help you with the cooking and baking process. 


I'm glad to have this opportunity to share my journey into the culinary world.

Thank you for visiting, XO


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if you need a cake for your next celebration or just because, consider ordering from Cocoa and Butter. Delicious and beautiful.

Humera N.

San Ramon, CA

Congrats Chef Fouzia Rafae ! Your hard work and talent blossoming into even bigger better things ! 😍 keeping whipping up your magic !

Shaz I.

San Jose, CA

Thinking about super delicious turkeys that I ordered for Thanksgiving. Cocoa & Butter provided 3 delicious turkeys that were prepared by amazingly talented chef. My entire order was made to perfection with excellent gravy and freshly made cranberry sauce. Missing that piping hot turkey in this rainy weather. I highly recommend Cocoa & Butter to all my friends and family for your future orders. Thank you Cocoa & Butter chef for everything.​

Faiza K.

San Ramon, CA

Yes cocoa & butter I wasn't disappointed. Turkey, gravy and cranberry sauce were tooo good. The meat was perfectly cooked. Our friend giving feasts was perfect. 
Thanks Fouzia Rafae

Kiran H.

Dublin, CA

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