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At Cocoa & Butter, we believe that your cake should taste as good as it looks. All of our cakes are made from scratch using delicious ingredients including free-range organic eggs and freshly made preserves. All of our iced cakes are coated in a layer of Belgian white and dark chocolate, and the finest fondant.

 Cake Flavors

Classic Vanilla  

Classic White

Chocolate Fudge

Carrot Pecan 

Red Velvet 





Salted Caramel 

Coffee Crunch

German Chocolate

White Chocolate  

Peanut Butter



Fruit Flavors






We also offer other flavors.  If you don’t see what you want, let us know and we can try to accommodate your preferred flavor!


Cake Tasting


(for 2 persons, $20 per additional person)


Your tasting will include up to three flavors of cake.

You can choose the flavors and we will be able to customize the flavor combinations, or you can leave it to the baker, we will customize the flavors included in each tasting that will satisfy the most discerning palate. If you have a certain flavor you think you want for your wedding cake or a party cake, please don't hesitate to ask!!  



  $9.95 per serving for Buttercream Finish


$18.95 per serving for a Fondant Finish 

Prices vary based on the complexity of the design and amount of sugar flowers etc.





We will deliver and set up your cake for your wedding at a time suited to you.

Please get in touch for a quote.

Allergy info

All of our regular cakes contain gluten and may contain nuts or traces of nuts. We are able to make gluten free cakes for customers with gluten intolerance but not a gluten allergy 

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