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Party Catering





$22 per head, includes 4 food items & 1 dessert

(minimum order size of 30, extra item $3 /head)




(Choose One )


Mixed Salad Display 

party platter of different variety of salads


Mixed Savories Platter

(choose three options) 

shami kabab or daal kabab | samosa | pakora | spring rolls | cheese balls | corn fritters | bread cutlets | prawn toast

Chaat Buffet 

 flat papri | potatoes | garbanzo beans mixed chaat | pani puri | daal bhalla  served with yogurt and assorted chutneys

served buffet style




(Choose Two )



 leg of roast chicken served over rice



choice of chicken | goat (+ $1/person) | vegetable | peas | afghani 


choice of chicken | goat (+ $1/person) | shrimp (+ $1/person)| vegetable 


Seafood Paella (+ $1/person)

 fish, shellfish, and chicken served with saffron-infused basmati rice


Lamb Chops (+ $2/person)

slow-cooked with garlic and spices

Classic Curry 

authentic curry sauce cooked | a choice of  goat (+ $1/person) | chicken | potato 


Mughlai Korma

choice of goat (+ $1/person) | chicken | vegetable | slow-cooked in a creamy gravy


Butter Chicken

a creamy blend of yogurt and onions with house-roasted spices


Beef Pasandey

marinated sliced beef cooked with roasted cumin and coriander 


Fish Curry (+ $1/person)

white fish in a tomato-based  curry packed full of flavor and spices


Dum Keema

slow-cooked ground meat finished with rich coal smoke


Karahi Kabobs

tender and succulent kabob cooked with tomatoes


Lahori Fried Fish (+ $1/person)

white fish with crispy gram flour coating and traditional spices


choice of beef | chicken 

Fried Quail ( Batair) (+ $2/person)

moms delicious batair fry 





(Choose One )


Potato Egg curry

Peas in Gravy ( Matar Paneer )

Black-Eyed  Pea Curry

Cauliflower and Potatoes  

Dahi Baingan ( Fried EggPlant )

Fried Daal Mash ( Oval Lentils )

Bottle Gourd with Yellow Lentils 

Aloo Palak ( Potatoes n Spinach )

Sarson Saag ( Mustard Green)

Crispy Fried Okra (Lady's Finger)





Jasmine Rice

Garden Salad

Raita | Papad








(Choose One )


 Petit Four

bundlettes | chocolate mousse | tartlets | petit fours cake

(*counts as 2- includes 4 mini-desserts)




Carrot Halwa 


Clay Pot Kheer


Walnut Halwa


Shahi Tukrey


Kulfi Falooda


Cream Caramel


Classic Tiramisu

Delivery / Set-up fee will apply

Our menus can be customized to meet your dietary preferences. Contact us for details.

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