Turtle Brownies

I admit I have a sweet tooth, and there are days when nothing is going to satisfy me, but a warm brownie topped with gooey caramel sauce. This recipe is my take on turtle brownies I happen to love!!!!! I usually make the caramel sauce in advance and is always sitting in my refrigerator, so it’s easily available for my last minute dessert fix. I use it for so many applications, pancakes, waffles, French toast, apple crumble, and you name it!!! It was a winter evening; I came back from my Fundamentals of classical technique class from SF. I was craving something chocolaty and warm, so I could snuggle up on my couch in my PGs and indulge myself in chocolate. I wasn’t in the mood for baking th

Spicy Sautéed Fish with Spinach and Heirloom Tomatoes

Everyone should have a basic sautéed fish recipe and this one is my version- this recipe narrates the basic technique. The ingredients may vary; you can use any other seasonal vegetables or pair it with your choice of salad greens. Its delicious no matter what you pair it with... Using Pakistani way of cooking fish, most of my favorite fish recipes are handed down to me from my mother. So, they are mostly fish curries, deep-fried fish marinated with various spices then coated with either flour or batter of gram flour and water. Since I moved to the US, my taste buds for fish totally changed. I started to like more of sautéed technique than deep-frying (although deep-fried fish is still my fa

Green Salad with Peaches and Edible Flowers

Peaches in my salad? Yes, please!!! I love peaches and what better way to marry your favorite flavor with somewhat familiar green salad. I made this salad accompany a meatloaf dinner I concocted for my husbands' birthday. Many specialty produce growers offer edible flowers to be used as cake or pastry decorations these days. They are readily available and have become more popular recently for decorating and food styling. Few varieties e-g nasturtiums, calendulas, and pansies are certainly the favorite choices. I’ve chosen pansies for its beautiful vibrant color. Make sure to pick the ones only labeled for consumption. This recipe is extremely simple, very refreshing and light, and is also go

French Toast Sticks

This recipe is from a cooking class I conducted at a nonprofit organization for young girls, all less than 16 years of age. I was amazed to see their interest and how they were eager to learn. When I was asked to conduct this class, I thought something as basic as French toast would be easier as a beginner’s recipe so they can try it for family and friends. Growing up, I always adored French toast but it was always the classic version without the syrup. When I came to the US, I started making it for my husband. And yes, he would want it with chocolate syrup with bananas, almonds or fresh fruit. So, I started experimenting with it. I’ll come back with my other versions like caramel banana, a

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