Beef Stew With Vegetables

Culturally we are raised with varieties of curries and masalas and introduced to spices at very early age. The beef stew I’m familiar with is the one my mom made as “Aloo Ghost” literally translates as “potatoes and meat”. It was a staple in our house. My mom would make it twice a week and even on the weekend for guests as well. She is known as “Aloo Ghost and pilaf host “and till this date, I'm struggling to develop the taste she used to establish. It was finger licking delicious. I somewhat replicate the idea but with beef and added root vegetables. The stew method remains the same with slight changes here and there.... She mainly used goat meat for the stew part without the root vegetable

Sweet Gajrela

"Gajrela" is a sweet dessert pudding made with carrots, milk, sugar and rice. A goldmine of nutrients, naturally sweet carrots makes it rich and sticky with exotic cardamom. Decadent, festive and comforting sweet treat that satisfies you with its flavor and creaminess. I have a vivid memory of seeing my mom stirring up a big batch in a large pot, seeing it at the table in our kitchen cooling down in a huge silver vessel; we weren’t allowed to touch it until it was packaged and distributed amongst relatives and neighbors ;) This sweet dessert hails from the Punjab region of Pakistan and India, traditionally eaten during festivals, or for us it was mainly during winter times when carrots are i

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Simple, scrumptious comfort food recipes with a twist. I inherited my passion for cooking and baking from the best home cook and teacher I know, my mom...

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