Puff Pastry | Pâte Feuilletée

Puff Pastry Puff pastry is made from layers and layers of butter and dough. It’s a laminated dough but unlike her brother croissant, it's not leavened with yeast. It puffs In the oven when the liquid creates steam in the dough and water evaporates, puffing the individual layers, turning it golden brown and crispy. Getting to this end result takes a while. First, you make a “detrempe” a lean dough of just flour, water and salt. Then you wrap the dough around a block of cold butter. Give it a letter fold, roll it out, fold it up, and repeat. At the end of this whole process, you will have created all layers that make puff pastry "puff". I recommend two letter folds and two book folds. You can

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