Strawberry Cream Cake with Cardamom Ginger Syrup

Just in time for fall! Enjoy this scrumptious bite of strawberries and cream with a hint of cardamom and ginger infused syrup. This cake could be the highlight of your next dessert table. It’s divine. This recipe is perfect for summer/fall; simple to follow with no additional techniques involved and at the end you have a pretty looking dessert. ​​ I made this spiced strawberry shortcake for my beautiful niece on her farewell as she heads to college. I took a break from fondant cake and made this simple yet delectable delight for her, she and her friends LOVED it. It was wonderful to see girls enjoying my treat. I'm using cream cheese with whipping cream. The cream cheese stabilizes and thick

Classic Quiche with Chicken and Onions

Quiche Lorraine is considered a classic breakfast and brunch item. Its named after the northeastern French province of Lorraine. It was mostly popular during the mid-1960s. The classic filling ingredients are eggs, and cheese with added meats and vegetables. Some versions add sliced sauteed onion, (that’s what I’ve tried many times). One of the few recipes that I have been making from past 15 years or so, long before joining a culinary school. I saw this recipe on BBC Food channel I used to watch religiously in Pakistan. I immediately wanted to try, to my information later that I found out it's a classic recipe and been around for a while. Later here in the USA, once vacationing in Santa Ba

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